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Concept art

To create an unique style and new ideas to fit them together in a creative project

Layout design

To stage the camera angle, depth and perspective of what is displayed on screen.

Background painting

To design the scenery fitting the animation style with environment paints, textures and light.

Character Design

To imagine characters based on personality traits, background, style and design features.

Color keys

To paint and color scenes based on lighting, materials, and mood that teams use for production.

Props design

To create objects, items and assets filling the environments with interest and life.

More about me

My name is Lorenzo Bejarano Libreros.

I was born in Florence, where I attended E-Design class at Nemo academy of digital arts.

Great fan of books, fitness meditation and 80’s music.

My dream is to work in the Enteratainment industry: tv series, feature animation and concept for games.

I’ve been privileged to do workshops with names such as Sandro Cleuzo, Jhon Pomeroy, Stephen Silver, Armand Baltazar.

Here my CV


Sandro Cleuzo

Disney animator and character designer

John Pomeroy

Disney animator

Stephen Silver

Cartoon Network character designer

Armand Baltazar

Pixar and DreamWorks concept artist

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